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I am a conservative, America First Republican and believe in the Judeo/Christian Constitution of the United States of America. “We the People” (American citizens) of this republic own this country and have rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We are “One Nation under God.”

We have been slowly experiencing unimaginable changes in our Country, State of California, and our communities. As your representative for State Assembly, District #37, I will be able to have a voice for you, my constituents, and use my position to submit productive bills and counter unfavorable bills.

Responsibility, common sense, morality, and accountability are what I stand for.


I value family from conception to death because family is the foundation of our Country and community. It has been the family that strived to achieve the “American Dream”. Family, Faith, and Freedom is our right to support and preserve.

Families are being destroyed through isolation, manipulation, and disrespect by being out of the conversation by our current government with the educational systems, laws that are weak and not enforced, illegal drugs, trafficking, homelessness, and the economy.

As your assemblywoman, I will support families by working with multiple agencies to ensure better education, safety, and economy.

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Change in our public education has been an ongoing experiment for many years. They are changing the curriculum by adding additional subjects not relative to higher education. These curriculums come from the State of California. We need to get back to the basics of education by teaching our children reading, writing, and math comprehension and working toward high-quality education for all students. Many public schools in our community have low test scores in these subjects. Why?

Teachers are fundamental to our children’s learning and should be supported. There has been a rise in school choice and homeschooling. This would not be necessary if all schools offered an education incorporating the parent community and high-quality education.

Laws that take away the rights of parents are being passed. Parents' constitutional right determines how to educate, raise, and care for their children. Parents should be the first to notify if the child is experiencing problems. Transparency should be the utmost priority.

As your Assemblywoman, I will stop inappropriate subjects, push for primary education, and achieve exceptional test scores, parent rights, and transparency.


The rule of law is the cornerstone of a free society. We need to support all our law enforcement and first responders. Stronger laws need to be enforced. We need law enforcement and first responders to protect and help citizens in our communities.

Law breakers, violent crimes, Illegal drugs, trafficking and homelessness is growing in our community and it all needs to be stopped. These are complex issues and need multiple professionals to help combat these unsafe, destructive ways of living.

As your assemblywoman, I will work with law enforcement, first responders and health professionals that aim for reduction of crimes and support legislation that favors the victims and not the criminals.


Financial responsibility is everyone’s responsibility. California is in debt and has one of the highest tax rates. Instead of cutting back on programs to balance the budget, our state is looking for more ways to tax the people.

Jobs have decreased and unemployment rates are high. Housing, and rental prices are high. Open borders are increasing the number of people that need to support themselves. Or should I say costing our state to spend more money. These are more reasons why we are in trouble.

As your assemblywoman, I will back fiscal responsibility, support many job creations like Main Street businesses including energy choices, and work on achieving property ownership.

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